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Anna Rasmussen portrait with a camera

Anna Rasmussen

Capturing Simple Natural Beauty

My Vision and Style

Photography has captivated me since I was a child. Life is a series of unique moments - the changing colors of clouds, the flight of a bird, a fleeting smile, the movement of a hand, wind in the hair... The opportunity to capture and freeze a unique memory, a fleeting feeling, fascinated me from a young age.     

I favour stylistic simplicity and natural light.

I capture portraits intuitively and prefer to work without props and poses. When working with clients, I draw inspiration from their unique personalities. I am convinced that the best shots often come to life when people stop noticing the camera and open themselves up.

I am a straightforward person, finding true beauty in sincerity and simplicity. Having spent a lot of time working with traditional black and white materials, I often automatically convert images to black and white in my mind.

A Few Words About Me

At the age of 12, my grandfather gave me my first camera (Zenit), and I never took it off. For several years, I couldn't be pulled out of the darkroom (our family bathroom), where I developed and enlarged my first photos. I still love analogue photography. Only after successfully completing my photography studies (Orange Factory) in 2012 did I start working digitally.

I originally studied at the Prague Dance Conservatory and worked as a classical dancer at the National Theatre for 14 years, where I later also worked as a photographer. After the birth of my children, I ended my ballet career and fully devoted myself to photography.

For a documentary series from behind the scenes of the theater, I received two awards in the international FEP FETA Award Photokina 2014 competition and IPC/Sophie Smoliar Scholarship in Cologne, Germany.

Most of the photographs on these pages were taken with a Canon 5D Mark III. Currently, I shoot with a Nikon Z6, Yashica Mat 124G, and Canon FT Ql.

My motto is simplicity and stylistic purity.

"I create natural, intuitive portraits. My goal is to capture the moment and the atmosphere of a place, without poses and props. I enjoy contributing to the creation of unforgettable memories." 

muž otec tatinek nesoucí dítě na ramenou

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